The Most Cursed Mr. Mime Fusions in Pokemon Infinite Fusion

mr mime pokemon cursed fusions



  • Pokémon Infinite Fusion allows fans to create unique combinations of existing Pokémon, resulting in cool, alternative designs.

  • Some of the game’s fusions, such as Mr. Mime and Pinsir or Mr. Mime and Ditto, create terrifying, nightmare-inducing creatures.

  • One of the most disturbing fusions is that of Mr. Mime and Parasect, where Mr. Mime becomes a lifeless puppet controlled by Parasect infested with fungus.

Pokemon is one of the highest-grossing franchises of all time, and its ever-growing cast of pocket monsters has played a huge role in the series’ enduring success. Despite the incredible number of existing creatures that have only expanded over nine generations, the fan project known as Pokémon Infinite Fusion has become a popular way to combine different designs of the Pokemon games through sprites both inside and outside your game.

A vehicle to create some of the coolest combinations of existing Pokémon ever proposed. Pokémon Infinite Fusion It can also be used for more alternative combinations. Often the source of funny images for custom sprites mixing Pokémon that don’t quite fit together, infinite fusion is famous for some of the quirky and fun couples it can produce. A classic example of an innately “cursed” Pokémon design, Mr. Mime’s clown-like appearance has scared fans since the dawn of the first generation. By his very nature, Mr. Mime can create a strange result when combined with almost any Pokémon, but a few stand out as examples of the most disturbing designs available.

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Mr. Mime and Pinsir


Losing the familiarity of Pinsir’s insect theme through the bright colors of Mr. Mime’s human skin, a vertical, toothed mouth makes this one of the scariest creatures one could encounter in the world. Pokemon world. Extending a friendly clown hand as if he didn’t resemble a hellish demon, the creature who can ironically be called “Mr. Sir” is sure to make some players glad that the fusions haven’t made it to the official site. Pokemon games. With an extremely intimidating soul gaze, Mr. Mime’s fusion eyes may be the scariest part of all.

Mr. Mime and Ditto


This fusion with Ditto, which barely looks anything like a Pokémon, creates a humanoid that resembles a formless double that would be terrifying to encounter alone at night. Ditto’s slimy body combines with Mr. Mime’s gangly proportions to create a creature that looks like it can barely hold its shape. With his seemingly glued-on smile and hunched posture, this fusion loses the small cuteness and comfort evoked by Mr. Mime in favor of a pure nightmare factor.

Mr. Mime and Parasect


Possibly most disturbing of all, this fusion sees Mr. Mime become a lifeless puppet controlled by the mushroom Pokémon Parasect. In keeping with the lore that all Parasect are actually zombie-like crustacean bodies piloted by Cordyceps-like spores, this Mr. Mime has combined his psychic typing with this concept to become a terrifying humanoid rendition. Limping around with lifeless eyes that capture none of Parasect’s cuteness, the subtle presence of multiple legs only makes “Mr. Sect” even more unnerving.

Mr. Mime and Tentacruel


Appropriately known as “Mr. Cruel,” this fusion turns Mr. Mime into a terrifying creature by integrating the body structure of the jellyfish and the cephalopod-inspired Pokémon Tentacruel. Typically a majestic and believable member of the ecosystem, Tentacruel’s design is completely corrupted by the fleshy texture of Mr. Mime’s human skin. What was once a defined texture on the body of a sea creature turns into ugly wrinkles on the fleshy face of a being whose tentacles have become a set of creepy clown legs. To top it all off, the blank expression seen in the squid-like eyes makes this fusion feel like a truly sinister entity. Possibly the most important proof of why Mr. Mime should never be sloppily merged: monsters like this make Mr. Rime look better than ever.

Pokémon Infinite Fusion It can be downloaded and played on PC.

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