The Fortnite Funko Pop Lineup Is Growing With 4 New Figures

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A new batch of Fortnite Funko Pop figures will be released in the coming months. The new collectibles include figures based on skins of popular characters, including The foundation, Gumbo, Midas Shadowand cartoon meows. All four will be available for $13 and you can pre-order the figures on Amazon. The release date is listed as January 1, 2024, but may be a placeholder date.

Considering how popular Funko Pops are and Fortnite is, it’s probably a good decision to pre-order before they sell out.

Fortnite Funko Pops
Fortnite Funko Pops

These four new figures join Funko’s growing list of Fortnite collectibles, many of which are still available through third-party sellers on Amazon. You can get most of them at reasonable prices, such as Skull Trooper Funko Pop skin for $13.94, the omega figure for $11.40, or the scientist for $10.25. You can also get the Fortnite Loot Llama Funk Pop mascot for $21.94. Please note that prices and availability may change.

Be sure to check all current Funko Pop deals on Amazon for discounts on even more figures.

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