Oda Reveals Why He Made Rob Lucci A Major Villain

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  • Rob Lucci is considered one of the best villains in the One Piece series and made a significant impact during the Water 7 saga.
  • Oda hadn’t decided on Lucci to be the villain at first, but eventually chose him because he looked like a weird guy with a talking dove on his shoulder.
  • Lucci’s role in One Piece continues beyond the Water 7 saga, as he reappears as a recurring villain and is currently a major character in the Egghead Island arc, where Zoro fights him.



Rob Lucci is an important character in One piece which fans know very well. When it comes to the villains that Oda has created in the One piece In the world, Lucci stands out as one of the best, and even decades after the arc he appeared in, he is remembered as an incredible antagonist.

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Rob Lucci made his introduction in the Water 7 saga and was introduced on the island of Water 7. Since he is one of the best antagonists in the entire series, many fans find it interesting to know Oda’s thought process in turning him into a villain as great as he was. Fortunately, Oda has already revealed his reasoning to fans and it is certainly very intriguing.

Rob Lucci’s role in the Water 7 saga

Luffy fighting Rob Lucci

The saga of the water seven One piece The Sky Island saga immediately follows. After the Straw Hat Pirates’ adventure on the Sky Islands, the crew returned to the Blue Sea and the next place they headed to was Long Ring Long Island. From there everything was pretty simple until Water 7. Water 7 is the island of shipbuilders and many of the most famous shipbuilders in the world. One piece to live here. In fact, it would not be an exaggeration to say that the best shipbuilders in the world One piece world are found on this island. This place is where both pirates and marines buy new ships or repair their own.

Since the Going Merry had suffered quite a bit of damage over time, this place was perfect for the Straw Hats to visit. This island would give them the perfect opportunity to repair it, however, little did they know that this island would test the integrity of the crew itself. With things like Robin and Usopp disappearing and Luffy fighting, the crew was the weakest since its creation. As the story progressed, CP9, a secret intelligence agency of the World Government, was introduced to fans and it was soon revealed that one of the shipbuilders, Rob Lucci, was the leader of this group and had successfully infiltrated the house of shipbuilders. company, Galley-La, years ago. Lucci was an incredible villain throughout the saga and the main antagonist that Luffy had to face.

Oda’s plan for water 7

Rob Lucci with his pigeon-1

When talking about the Water 7 arc and his plan for it, Oda has gone into great detail about what his plan was when crafting this arc. According to Oda himself, Water 7 was the arc for the Straw Hat Pirates to get a carpenter for their crew, as well as to say goodbye to the Going Merry. Before writing Water Seven Saga, these were the only two events that Oda had predetermined. Regardless of what happened in this arc, these two were key objectives for him to fulfill and everything else was not planned for him at all. In his mind, at the end of the arc, Franky would join the Straw Hat Pirates, and at the same time, Luffy and the crew would say goodbye to the Merry as he plummeted to his death.

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Everything else, including the introduction of CP9, Robin’s move to Enies’ Lobby, and all the other major events of this particular saga, were not pre-planned by Oda. Often, a writer plants some seeds and watches them grow, and from there continues the story accordingly. Oda did something similar with the Water Seven Saga and it’s safe to say that this arc turned out to be absolutely phenomenal.

Even years after the conclusion of this saga, many believe that it is the best thing ever. One piece has ever produced. At least, he enjoys very high esteem among all fans. Every major event, from Usopp leaving the crew to Robin’s rescue, the introduction of the villains, and Going Merry’s farewell, was absolutely phenomenally written.

Why Rob Lucci became a major villain

Rob Lucci member of CP0

Rob Lucci, in particular, is an important character that fans have gotten to know since the beginning of the Water 7 Saga. During the time of his introduction, it was revealed that he was a ship’s carpenter for the Galley-La Company. He worked directly for Iceberg and, like all the other shipwrights in this company, he was absolutely phenomenal at what he did. To show the depth of the world of One piece Appropriately, Oda made the Galley-La company as realistic as possible, giving it a good number of shipowners and, at the same time, even minor characters who would appear here and there throughout the arc.

With the world-building for this arc complete, it was time for Oda to decide who would be the villain of the arc. While many fans might assume that Oda had already decided on Rob Lucci as the main villain, that couldn’t be further from the truth. According to Oda himself, he had not decided who the villain would be before starting this arc. However, after creating all the characters, he wondered who the villain should be. He ended up choosing Rob Lucci because, according to him, he looked like a weird guy with a pigeon. That’s the only reason Oda chose Lucci as the villain and it fits his personality perfectly. While one could assume that Oda had some important reason for making Lucci a villain, it was as simple as him being a strange guy with a talking dove on his shoulder, named Hattori. This information was revealed in One piece Record 22.

Lucci’s role in the future

Rob lucci vs zoro one piece 1092

Of course, even Oda probably didn’t know that Lucci would become one of the most popular characters in the series. One piece. Not only did it raise the tension in the Water 7 arc through the roof, especially during the night the truth about Iceberg’s murder was revealed, but at the same time, it also kept fans on the edge of their seats throughout the episode. Enies. Foyer arch. Lucci gave Luffy one of the toughest fights he had ever fought in his life. Not only that, but his entire personality, including his sense of justice, which Oda calls Dark Justice, made him a phenomenal villain. Essentially, Lucci only liked to kill in life, and if serving the World Government gave him an excuse to take down those he considered trash, then he would gladly follow those above him.

Lucci’s role in One piece It didn’t end with the Water Seven saga. In fact, he is a recurring villain in the series. After the timeskip, it is revealed to fans that Lucci was promoted to CP0, the strongest intelligence agency within the World Government. Lucci did the reintroduction of him in Dressrosa and currently, in the Egghead Island arc, he is an important character. Once again, Lucci is a villain for the Straw Hat Pirates to deal with. This time, however, it’s Zoro who fights him and fans will surely get to see his character take some interesting turns as Egghead’s arc continues.

One Piece is available to read through Viz Media. Fans can read the series officially and for free on Shonen Jump and on plus sleeve application. The release date of the next chapter of One Piece, One Piece 1092, will be September 18, 2023.

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