Intel’s Next-Gen Xe2 “Battlemage” GPUs See Early Support In Open-Source MESA Drivers

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Intel has finally released patches for its next-generation Xe2 “Battlemage” GPUs in open-source Linux Mesa drivers.

Intel releases first patches for future Xe2 “Battlemage” GPUs on Linux

Intel has slowed down to make rapid improvements to the software resources present on Linux, and the current development is no exception. The Xe2 GPU architecture, codenamed Battlemage, will also be featured in dedicated GPUs, along with Intel’s Lunar Lake CPUs. The recent Mesa patches show the Battlemage series codenamed “Gen20” used internally and is a sequel to the Gen 12.5 Alchemist architecture.

The new plasters mark a path for Intel to follow, hence we could also see “specific” developments and driver updates related to Xe2 “Battlemage” CPUs in the coming patches. It’s exciting to see Intel working on its future architecture so early in terms of software support, as we’ve already learned that most of the design and development team moved to hardware after they finished Alchemist. This will reveal “tidbits” about the Battlemage series, which is of huge importance to both Intel’s GPU division and the industry.

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Team Blue has been active in Linux lately, mainly delivering driver updates and improvements that deliver major performance improvements. New optimizations have delivered a 15% performance boost across several titles, putting Arc GPUs in a competitive position.

Additionally, Intel’s Lunar Lake CPUs have also received support on Linux 6.6, including the series’ dedicated VPUs; as the platform is proving to be a viable option for Intel consumers, especially lately. Recent reports have also indicated that the company already has the BMG-G10 GPUs in its labs, so perhaps we’ll get a teaser soon!

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Intel’s Xe2 (Battlemage) GPUs will debut next year, and we could also get a glimpse of them at the upcoming Innovation 2023 event; stay tuned because the future holds greatness!

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