Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Will Have “Nearly 100 Hours” Worth Of Content

4193303 ff7rebirth100hoursofcontent


4193303 ff7rebirth100hoursofcontent

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will have “almost 100 hours of adventures,” according to game director Naoki Hamaguchi.

Following the reveal of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth’s packed State of Play trailer, the official Final Fantasy VII “X” account (aka Twitter) released a series of statements from some of the key creative minds behind the game, including creative director Tetsuya Nomura, producer Yoshinori Kitase, and director Hamaguchi.

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When it came to Hamaguchi statementseemed interested in expressing how Rebirth will embrace the concept of “free exploration” now that Cloud and his companions are outside the steel walls of Midgar that defined Final Fantasy VII Remake.

“While the main story is larger and more ambitious than the previous game’s narrative, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth also embraces the concept of ‘free exploration’, with compelling stories, fun mini-games, powerful monsters, and much more to find throughout the world .map,” Hamaguchi said. “We hope you explore this world in great detail, as nearly 100 hours of adventure await you.”

Much of what Hamaguchi described can be seen in the game’s latest trailer, which shows off the various Golden Saucer minigames, iconic locations like the Costa del Sol, and even the appearance of Armas, powerful optional bosses that appeared in Final Fantasy VII. original. In a question and answer session with the official PlayStation BlogHamaguchi said that the amount of side content in Rebirth is almost double that of the game’s main story.

“The world map is vast and expansive, so not every location on it will be used solely in the main story,” Hamaguchi said. “In fact, in terms of volume, the amount of secondary content in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is almost double that of the main quest content. Players who want to enjoy the setting of Final Fantasy VII on an even deeper level can Explore every corner of the world, discovering many different and exciting experiences such as new stories, battles and mini-games to play. It will also be possible to return to any of the world regions even after the main quest progresses from that area, so no You don’t have to worry about leaving things behind or unfinished.”

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will not allow players to import save data from Remake, but those who have played Remake will be rewarded in the form of summon materia. The game is currently set to release on February 29, 2024 for PlayStation 5 and will be exclusive to Sony’s latest console for at least three months. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth pre-orders are now available.

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