Ahsoka Episode 5 Debuts Animal Connection Force Power In Live-Action

ahsoka episode 5 debuts a lesser known force power in live action



  • Star Wars: Ahsoka brings a less-used Force ability to the forefront, connecting it to the animated series that inspired it.
  • Ahsoka’s latest episode features new live-action additions and connects the plot to the final act of Rebels.
  • Ahsoka’s ability to communicate with animals through the Force creates a powerful connection and adds to the overall theatrical experience of the show.



Star Wars: Ahsoka brought one of its protagonist’s most underused Force abilities to the forefront in a way that harkens back to the Rebels final.

Created by Dave Filoni with an explicit connection to Star Wars: Rebelsthe Disney Plus program Star Wars:Ahsoka follows its main character, Ahsoka Tano, as she discovers new threats that threaten the peace of the galaxy in the early years of the New Republic that formed from the ashes of the first Galactic Empire. The show, which debuted to much fanfare on the streamer, draws heavily on Filoni’s previous work in animation. Star Wars properties, setting the series up for some spectacular and highly regarded live-action debuts of characters and concepts previously only seen in animation. There have also been some new additions to the franchise canon.

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One of those new additions to Ahsoka arrived in its final episode, establishing another link between the live-action series and its animated predecessors. Ahsoka Episode 5 screened in select theaters as part of a midseason fan celebration and featured some of the best live-action additions to the series since its inception. In the episode, Ahsoka encounters Purrgils and realizes that they are his best bet at finding Sabine and potentially saving Ezra Bridger. Climbing to the top of his ship, he uses the Force to connect and communicate with the massive creatures, eventually traveling into hyperspace by flying his ship into the mouth of one of the largest. This moment, which seems to be the final leap to connect the Ahsoka plot with the final act of Rebelsreflects Ezra’s power to connect with animals and his actions in the latter’s final episode.

Hera, Jacen and Chopper look out over the ocean in Ahsoka

While Ezra used the Purrgils to remove Thrawn from the equation during the battle for Lothal, Ahsoka will apparently eventually find him using the same method. Unlike the last change that Star Wars: Ahsoka This upset some fans, this Force ability is not new. The most recent animated series, Tales of the Jedi, reveals Ahsoka’s backstory, giving fans the first instance of her using this ability to great effect. After being separated from her mother by a savage beast on her home planet and being seconds away from becoming its next meal, young Ahsoka touches the beast in the face and communicates with it through the Force, and finally He brings her back home safe and sound.

While Ahsoka has already been shown to have the ability to communicate with animals through the Force, the brains behind the Disney Plus show are probably aware that most of the audience, even those intimately familiar with the Star Wars: Rebels continuity, I would never have known or forgotten. With that in mind, using the ability that most fans associate with Ezra as the final key to his recovery has a poetry that fans could get more out of than the callback to Tales of the JediThe debut episode. This powerful connection, along with Star Wars The live-action debut of the character Captain Rex in the same episode and many more similar surprises have provided what many consider an experience worthy of a theatrical release.

Star Wars: Ahsoka is now available to stream on Disney Plus.

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